Gravity Forms Image Choices Add-On V.1.3.17


Easily add images as choices for Radio Buttons or Checkboxes fields within Gravity Forms.

Add images to your checkbox or radio fields
Rather than a thousand words in your radio button or checkbox labels, just insert an image.
It’s dead simple with Gravity Forms Image Choices – enable images in the field, browse the media library and insert your selection.

No more HTML in your Gravity Forms labels
Until now, the only way to really get images into radio buttons and checkbox options were to add HTML markup into the labels. This process is less than ideal – find the image you want, copy the full URL, edit the form field, add your image element markup and paste in the src value.
With Gravity Forms Image Choices you get familiar WordPress UI and browsing of the media library to select and insert your image. And it’s kept separate from your label text.


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